November 30, 2016

Complex litigation can feel like a maelstrom of paper, business entities, motions, depositions, and disputes involving obscure and difficult legal theories.  In North Carolina’s state courts, this is particularly alarming, as you never know which judge you’re going to get.  Fortunately, for many of these complicated disputes, we have the North Carolina Business Court.

The Business Court was created by the North Carolina General Assembly as a special court to hear some of our state’s most complicated cases.  There are three judges, and although your case technically takes place in the County where you file suit, all hearings and orders occur through a single judge designated to preside over your case.

There are numerous upsides to having...

November 28, 2016

Do you ever wonder how information is gathered during the course of a lawsuit?  Many civil superior court cases take well over a year to resolve, including reaching a jury.  It’s during this long period of time that lawyers conduct what’s known as “discovery.”  Discovery is the process by which parties to a lawsuit gather information to continue assessing their claims and strategies, and to eventually use at trial.

The North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure provide the parties with numerous tools for use in the discovery process, including “Interrogatories”, “Requests for Production”, “Depositions”, and “Subpoenas.”  A skilled civil attorney will use all of these tools to great effect to assist your case.

Interrogatories are s...

November 21, 2016

Know how to avoid lawyers who will take advantage of their superior position of knowledge and your trust.

November 18, 2016

Did you know that the vast majority of civil lawsuits never reach a jury?  The biggest reason for this is that so many cases get settled before the trial ever begins.  But another way many cases end before reaching the jury is through a summary judgment motion.

If you’ve followed along with our other blog posts, then you know that civil lawsuits can sometimes take years to resolve, and that there are many twists and turns along the way.  During this course, often one party–usually the defending party–will file a motion for summary judgment, which is essentially a request for the Judge to decide the lawsuit before the case gets to a jury.

How does this happen, and aren’t jury trials an important right that we’re all entitled to?  The fact...

November 7, 2016

Building a new home is a massive investment, and not just in terms of money. For many, it represents the chance to create a beautiful and amazing space where you can spend the rest of your life.  So, it can also require a massive investment of time, energy, and emotion.

With all the excitement, it’s easy to get whisked away while contemplating the bright new future.  However, building a new home is also an extremely risky endeavor.  For those of you undertaking this process, you should read through the following 5 tips for reducing those risks as you move forward.

1.  Consult a Competent Construction Attorney.

First, you should absolutely consult with a competent construction attorney regarding the contracts that will apply to your build....

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