May 30, 2017

When consulting with a new client about the possibility of bringing a lawsuit, this is always an important–and critical–question that must be addressed.  It’s no secret that lawyers are expensive; so the question on everyone’s mind through case assessment is going to be: “How are we all going to get paid?”

Many factors are looked at, including, primarily, the strength of your case in terms of liability, as well as the full extent of your damages.  But even if your case for liability and damage is fantastic, you still don’t have a case if you cannot hold a “deep pocket” responsible for paying on either a judgment or a settlement.

The “deep pocket” is often an insurance company.  This is usually the case in most car crash lawsuits.  After all,...

May 26, 2017

If you ever find yourself in the middle of a construction lawsuit, you’re going to learn that many of the facts are in the hands of the expert witnesses.  This is because construction techniques are often very foreign to folks from outside the industry.

Many of the detailed building techniques utilized on construction projects are exceptionally detailed, and are far from obvious.  For example, did you know that a “shingled” roof is not water-tight, but rather sheds water downward and outward?  Or, did you know that house wrap must be flashed into windows in a particularized way before siding gets put up?  For virtually every trade involved in building a home–from design (both architectural and structural), to framing, plumbing, electric wiri...

May 2, 2017

Conducting discovery in any lawsuit can be an ordeal, but construction lawsuits always present their own, unique challenges, which often require extra attention and extra work.  Why is this discovery so problematic?  And how can the parties marshal their documents more smoothly and effectively?

For one thing, when one aspect of a building project goes awry, it often means that a variety of other things have gone awry as well.  Multiple defects can reflect an attitude taken by the builders on the job site, or else may reflect the quality of subcontractors selected for the job.  Generally, if a key supervisor, such as the general contractor, has taken a lax attitude toward standards, others might be taking a break, as well.


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