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Should I Go Pro Se?

Deciding Whether to Retain a Lawyer

Retaining a lawyer to assist you with a lawsuit is a major decision. Lawyers are expensive, and the more complicated the dispute, the more you’re going to have to pay your lawyer. Of course, the more complex the litigation, the more critical an attorney’s representation becomes. So, do you need a lawyer to assist you with your dispute? The short answer to your question is simple: You should consult with a lawyer to find out.

A skilled and experienced lawyer should have intimate knowledge of your local court system. Usually, during the span of a consultation, a skilled attorney will assess the strength of your legal claims or defenses, the extent of your damages or potential exposure, and help you chart a course of action toward the resolution of your legal matter. And, importantly, the attorney will advise you on whether a prolonged attorney engagement is likely to become necessary.

Here at Asheville Legal, we strive to find solutions that will benefit our clients and that are tailored to the resources they have and the needs of their particular legal matter. Our attorney fee contracts range from hourly rate retainer agreements to full contingency agreements; however, we cannot determine what kind of fee agreement your matter qualifies for until you come in for a consultation. If you want to find out whether hiring a lawyer is the right solution to your legal problem, call for a free short phone consultation.

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