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Keeping Your Attorney Informed

Pursuing a civil lawsuit can be a massive undertaking, with a vast array of moving parts, from obscure legal theories, to minute yet critical factual distinctions, all of which must be weighed against the motivations of the parties, the damages at stake, and the prospects for settlement. Throughout this daunting process, you and your attorney form a team, and it is absolutely essential that the two of you work together in lock-step to reach the best possible outcome.

Civil litigation is an information war, and you are your attorney’s key to the facts of your lawsuit. To ensure the best result, you must keep your attorney advised of every fact that you believe is relevant to your lawsuit. For example, if you’re dealing with a large-scale construction matter, your attorney will need a timeline of the build, starting from when the project was first conceived, working through the contract and planning phase, and then through the build itself, and any aftermath.

Documentation will also be critical. You must strive to deliver all the relevant documentation to your lawyer as early as possible. Deadlines come in fast. Tracking down and identifying key documents early on in the process will ensure that your attorney can make the best possible decisions in representing you.

Your attorney is the key to the legal strategy of your lawsuit, but your lawyer won’t be at his or her best if you haven’t shared all the important information. Sometimes clients withhold information, believing that they need to “sell” their case to their attorney. We’ve seen this a number of times, and it often leads to a poor result for the client.

At Asheville Legal, our civil attorneys always strive to deliver excellent litigation services, and to make sure our clients are aware of the needs and status of their lawsuit. Above all, we emphasize trust and preparedness. Contact us today to find out if we can handle your legal needs.

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