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Asheville Legal practices civil litigation and business law for clients in the Asheville area. We pride ourselves in our commitment to our clients. We care about the details. Building lasting relationships with the people we serve is of paramount importance to us and we limit our practice to a small number of cases so we can focus our attention on every client.


Hiring A Lawyer
Complex Civil Litigation
"Not only did they answer questions and keep us well-informed, they made themselves available at times when most people would not, and that made us feel more like family than clients."


Greg & Amy Gardner, Clover, NC


Choosing a lawyer to represent you in a legal matter is perhaps one of the most important and daunting decisions you will ever make. More than any other aspect of a case, choosing the right lawyer is critical to getting the most favorable resolution of your legal matter. Contrary to popular opinion, all lawyers are not the same. Skills, experience, dedication, strategy and energy vary widely among attorneys.


As a client, you should ask your potential attorney about his or her experience, workload, skills and dedication to your legal matter. It could be that the attorney is too busy to handle your case in an efficient and successful manner.


Before hiring an attorney, you must trust that the attorney will always act in your best interests, keep you informed about the status and progress of your legal matter, and return your phone calls promptly. It’s a shame that many attorneys don’t promptly return clients’ phone calls, but it’s also a reality. If you don’t have a very high degree of trust and confidence in your attorney, you should get another one.


Once you select an attorney, it is important that the attorney thoroughly explain how much you will be charged for attorney fees and expenses, how often you will be invoiced, and any interest or service charges you will incur for late payments. All fee agreements should be in writing.  This is what you can expect from the attorneys at Asheville Legal.

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