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Construction lawsuits are a unique breed of dispute because they frequently involve fact-intensive investigations with expert witnesses, often include numerous parties, and require attorneys to have advanced knowledge of the building practices and principles used in the industry.  Construction - whether residential or commercial—is a major business, and the investments we make to improve our property are some of the largest investments many of us will make in life.

At Asheville Legal, we’ve seen all manner of construction disputes—sometimes based around poor construction practices, and sometimes based around fraudulent misrepresentations or failures to pay funds that are due and owing.  Our construction lawyers have reviewed and litigated a wide variety of construction contracts and construction-based issues, and we also are very familiar with the standards and practices that contractors and their subcontractors are obligated to meet.

We’ve represented individuals and owners whose buildings were so poorly constructed, that their projects had to be torn down in a total loss.  We’ve also represented owners who learned mid-stream that they were being fraudulently billed for work on their projects that was never performed.

On the builders’ side of the industry, we assist carpenters and other tradesmen to file liens against owners who refuse to pay, and we have defended contractors when they’ve been sued by subcontractors whose work was so poor, it had to be redone.  Our construction attorneys can also assist contractors and owners to draft contracts that are specific, clear, and that will assist them to avoid having to litigate in the future.

If you believe your legal rights are at stake regarding a build that you are involved with, contact us today to get clear on those rights and, if you’re facing a loss, how to recover for that loss.

Wimer Snider, P.C. represents individuals and businesses in the many areas of civil litigation, including:

Construction Litigation

Construction & Material Leins

I first became aware of Mike Wimer's law firm while reading of a sex discrimination case in Asheville, and was happy to see the firm understood the complexities of women attempting to make their way into the professional world and that they were not afraid to go up against the local “powers that be.”

My own case required someone who understood the complexities and peculiarities of the regional political climate. The attorneys at Wimer & Snider listened to my story, but took the time to consider the facts of the case, and moved forward when they were sure the case was “winnable.” They proved invaluable in choosing other professionals that were necessary to employ, to come to a fair conclusion in my case. The attorneys at Wimer & Snider are capable of rapidly grasping complexities and are very savvy in navigating the regional political landscape. I would recommend Wimer & Snider highly, I could not be happier that I found them.

Davyne Dial – Asheville, NC

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