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“We will always be grateful to Mike Wimer for his professional handling of our case. Mike provided encouragement and he replied promptly to all of our questions. We were very pleased with Mike’s strategies and his perseverance which resulted in a successful settlement of our case.”

Marilyn & John Fredley

We are proud to say that we plan to utilize Wimer Snider, P.C. in Asheville as long as we are conducting business. They have proven themselves as a team of dedicated and diligent attorneys. We respect and value their work.

Mark & Trish Lyons, Asheville, NC & Bend, OR


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Superb legal and business acumen. Integrity and honesty. Sage advice. These are the reasons that we have always trusted Mike Wimer’s representation. Mike recently handled the sale of our business and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. Mike transacted the closing and ensured that our documents were legally sound and reflected what we wanted without undue complexity. As a result, both we and the buyers were extremely pleased with the outcome and there were no surprises. We think he’s the best business attorney around. -- Rob Tate and Chris Ludlam, former owners of Wagmore, Inc. dba Waggers Dog Depot

"Rarely does an individual have an opportunity to write an endorsement for legal services received in the course of an extended legal battle. My legal battle lasted in excess of three years, and Mike and Jake were absolutely committed to protecting my claims and never backed down or compromised unless it was absolutely necessary.


After spending a significant amount of time with your attorney, you get to know them not only from a legal perspective, but also from the personal aspect.  Some lawyers put on a good show, but few can back it up.  These guys did.


If you want a legal team willing to explain every facet of the legal challenges including straightforward understanding of risks and benefits, I strongly recommend you set up a meeting with Mike or Jake at Asheville Legal. 


This is a sincere pleasure for me to recommend the legal services of these gentlemen."

Dr. Richard Ridgley

I first became aware of Mike Wimer's law firm in Asheville while reading of a sex discrimination case, and was happy to see the firm understood the complexities of women attempting to make their way into the professional world and that they were not afraid to go up against the local “powers that be.”

My own case required someone who understood the complexities and peculiarities of the regional political climate. The attorneys at Wimer & Associates listened to my story, but took the time to consider the facts of the case, and moved forward when they were sure the case was “winnable.” They proved invaluable in choosing other professionals that were necessary to employ, to come to a fair conclusion in my case. The attorneys at Mike Wimer's law firm are capable of rapidly grasping complexities and are very savvy in navigating the regional political landscape. I would recommend them highly, I could not be happier that I found them.

Davyne Dial - Asheville, NC

"I have used Mike Wimer's law firm on several occasions for both business and personal matters. What I like the most is that Asheville Legal gets the deal done. The attorneys do not drag out hours. They will shoot it to you straight, positive or negative, and provide you the path of least resistance. The attorneys at Asheville Legal are very educated and experienced in their profession..”


SR - Asheville, NC

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