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Contracts are the binding documents we create to memorialize our legal relationships and to spell out the rights and obligations of the parties.  We’ve all heard the old saying that “good fences make good neighbors.”  Well at Asheville Legal, we tell our clients that “good contracts make good business affiliates.”

Are you considering drafting your own contract or downloading some form contract off the internet to govern your business transactions?  If saving money is your goal, then I strongly recommend you reconsider, and instead have one of our contract attorneys draft the contract for you.  Why?  Because a contract that’s unclear is a quick recipe for disputes, defalcations, disaster, and ultimately, wildly expensive litigation! Furthermore, a form contract drafted by some mysterious person on the internet will absolutely fail to care for all the nuances of your unique, individual business.

We can create all kinds of commercial contracts, from leases to employment agreements, business ownership and partnership agreements, non-compete and confidentiality clauses, merger agreements, and many, many more.  If you want a contract that’s clear, easy-to-read, and that will help protect you by making sure you get timely paid and by warding off litigation, then we recommend you contact us.

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"InnerCity FiberNet, LLC engaged Mike Wimer's law firm to represent us in a complex, multi-million dollar acquisition, to great results. We found their professionalism and expertise to be absolutely invaluable in this transaction."

Greg Stilwell, Managing Partner, InnerCity FiberNet, LLC – Texas

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