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Insurance is a remarkable product, and it will often protect us from the worst and most disastrous things that we are likely to face in life.  But what happens when we face a catastrophic loss only to learn that our insurance company won’t protect us as promised or as we thought they were going to?

When that happens, the insurance attorneys at Asheville Legal are here to take the insurance companies and their lawyers to task and to enforce the rights of the insured.  With our intimate knowledge of insurance policy language, of statutory prescriptions for insurance, of insurance practices, and our own proven skill in the court room, our law firm is uniquely situated to provide unmatched legal representation against insurance companies.

It may seem as if you are out of options when your claim gets denied, or when the adjuster tells you there’s no more money, but that’s often not the case.  Like any business, insurance companies are out to make a profit, and your claim is diametrically opposed to that goal.  It’s a basic fact of the industry that insurance carriers look for opportunities to pay claimants less money than they are entitled to, and the companies often go too far in pursuit of this end.

Our law firm is particularly skilled in bringing claims for bad faith insurance practices and unfair claims settlement practices.  You see, insurance companies have a heightened duty under the law to provide the coverages to which claimants are entitled, and to do so in manner that’s timely, fair, and just.  In a bad faith insurance case, the company has crossed the line, and there may be severe penalties for doing so, such as triple damages, punitive damages, and the recovery of attorney fees.

Our insurance lawyers handle claims related to all manner of insurance policies, including fire and casualty policies, commercial general liability policies, health insurance policies, disability policies, and life insurance policies.  Whether you have just suffered a loss and are getting ready to make a claim, or you’ve already been battling with the carrier to get paid, contact us to learn what our firm can do to maximize your recovery.

Wimer Snider, P.C. represents individuals and businesses in the many areas of civil litigation, including:

Asheville Insurance Lawyer

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I first became aware of Mike Wimer's law firm while reading of a sex discrimination case in Asheville, and was happy to see the firm understood the complexities of women attempting to make their way into the professional world and that they were not afraid to go up against the local “powers that be.”

My own case required someone who understood the complexities and peculiarities of the regional political climate. The attorneys at Wimer & Snider listened to my story, but took the time to consider the facts of the case, and moved forward when they were sure the case was “winnable.” They proved invaluable in choosing other professionals that were necessary to employ, to come to a fair conclusion in my case. The attorneys at Wimer & Snider are capable of rapidly grasping complexities and are very savvy in navigating the regional political landscape. I would recommend Wimer & Snider highly, I could not be happier that I found them.

Davyne Dial – Asheville, NC

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