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Starting a new business is an exciting time for anyone, but it also marks your best opportunity to learn about the legal pitfalls of running your own business, and to tackle those pitfalls proactively.  At Asheville Legal, we take your concerns about going into business very seriously, and work with you to create founding documents that will protect you and your partners in the long run.

First, we will not only help you to create a business entity that protects your own personal assets, but will also advise you on matters such as how to run your business in a manner that preserves the corporate shield, that allows you to operate freely and efficiently, and we can put you in touch with other trained professionals that will make sure that your small business gets up and running and off to a great start.

Especially when multiple owners go into business together, it’s absolutely critical to have an effective partnership or other operating agreement.  These agreements set forth the obligations of each partner to the running of the business, provide procedures for how various types of decisions get made and carried out, and they provide for an exit strategy if a business partner passes away, becomes disabled, or is ready to end the business relationship.  Without a carefully crafted plan, any of these events can throw a smoothly running business into disarray.

If you are seriously contemplating starting a business, we recommend contacting us as early as possible in the process, to make sure that you maximize your legal protections going forward.

Business Divorce

"InnerCity FiberNet, LLC engaged Mike Wimer's law firm to represent us in a complex, multi-million dollar acquisition, to great results. We found their professionalism and expertise to be absolutely invaluable in this transaction."

Greg Stilwell, Managing Partner, InnerCity FiberNet, LLC – Texas

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