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Our banks and lenders are large and important institutions that have an immense impact on our economy and, when it comes to our own large mortgages and other loans, our very lives.  Often when dealing with banks, it can feel like you’re dealing with an 800-pound gorilla, and it may feel like you have no choice but to go along with the fees they charge us, and with their positions on legal matters like foreclosure and debt collection.

In truth, banks are subject to significant and heavy regulation, and they often run afoul of those regulations in their collections and their efforts to steamroll consumers.  Moreover, there are a whole host of options available to consumers facing collections—but don’t wait until it’s too late to find out if these options apply to you!  If you’re working with your bank to negotiate some kind of loan, there may be a number of tools at your disposal that you aren’t aware of.  Simply having an attorney involved can force the bank to pay more attention and to respect your rights.

One area where our law firm specializes is foreclosure defense.  Our law firm has the stamina and fortitude to hold off foreclosure while we determine what your legal rights are and devise a strategy for you to enforce those rights and effectuate a resolution.

If you’re struggling with a large bank, lender, or other large collection institution, do not delay in contacting us to determine your legal rights and claims.

Wimer Snider, P.C. represents many businesses in the many areas of civil litigation, including:

I first became aware of Mike Wimer's law firm while reading of a sex discrimination case in Asheville, and was happy to see the firm understood the complexities of women attempting to make their way into the professional world and that they were not afraid to go up against the local “powers that be.”

My own case required someone who understood the complexities and peculiarities of the regional political climate. The attorneys at Wimer & Snider listened to my story, but took the time to consider the facts of the case, and moved forward when they were sure the case was “winnable.” They proved invaluable in choosing other professionals that were necessary to employ, to come to a fair conclusion in my case. The attorneys at Wimer & Snider are capable of rapidly grasping complexities and are very savvy in navigating the regional political landscape. I would recommend Wimer & Snider highly, I could not be happier that I found them.

Davyne Dial – Asheville, NC

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