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Civil litigation entails the active prosecution and defense of civil lawsuits in court.  At Asheville Legal, our ultimate calling is to provide outstanding civil litigation services to our clients.  As true experts in North Carolina’s civil trial court system, Asheville Legal’s civil attorneys strive to deliver masterful litigation services, including devising and executing litigation strategies that maximize our clients’ chances of success, skillfully negotiating creative and meaningful settlements, keeping our clients thoroughly informed of the status of their legal matters, and out-preparing, out-maneuvering, out-thinking, and out-arguing our clients’ adversaries.

Going to court is serious business, and civil litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining.  We recognize the impacts these factors can have on our clients, and the importance of extensive preparation at all stages of litigation.  We only recommend that our clients go to court when we believe it’s absolutely necessary for the client to achieve a positive outcome with their legal matter.

Our law firm handles a wide variety of civil litigation matters; however, our focus is primarily in the commercial lawsuit arena, where we handle construction disputes, insurance claim disputes, banking litigation, business-related disputes, employment disputes, and even class action lawsuits.  We pride ourselves on serving individuals and all manner of small businesses.

The keys to handling these matters competently include understanding the rules of civil procedure, skillfully acquiring evidence through discovery and depositions, and preparing briefs and precise arguments that will command the attention of judges and juries, alike.  We handle legal disputes from their inception before filing, all the way through the appeals process.  Contact us if you have been sued and need a defense or to find out if you have a dispute that is ripe for litigation.

Wimer Snider, P.C. represents many businesses and individuals in civil litigation, including:

I first became aware of Mike Wimer's law firm while reading of a sex discrimination case in Asheville, and was happy to see the firm understood the complexities of women attempting to make their way into the professional world and that they were not afraid to go up against the local “powers that be.”

My own case required someone who understood the complexities and peculiarities of the regional political climate. The attorneys at Wimer & Snider listened to my story, but took the time to consider the facts of the case, and moved forward when they were sure the case was “winnable.” They proved invaluable in choosing other professionals that were necessary to employ, to come to a fair conclusion in my case. The attorneys at Wimer & Snider are capable of rapidly grasping complexities and are very savvy in navigating the regional political landscape. I would recommend Wimer & Snider highly, I could not be happier that I found them.

Davyne Dial – Asheville, NC

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