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Isabel Carson, ESQ.

BIO (continued)

Through her years of experience serving a variety of clients and interacting with the courts throughout western North Carolina, Isabel has developed an affinity for the people and communities of the region.  Thriving small businesses, accountability for bad actors, practical solutions for disputes, and justice for the aggrieved are among the top priorities in her professional agenda.  Starting a business? Dispute with a business partner? Believe you have been defrauded or taken advantage of? Facing an obstacle that seems both overwhelming and necessary to hit head-on?  Isabel’s dedication to understanding and assessing the needs of each client will ensure that your matter receives the attention it deserves.


She prides herself in treating her clients and professional colleagues with respect and getting to know the ins and outs of each case, issue, or dispute.  Clear communication and resolute strategy always aimed towards achieving a just result inform her day-to-day practice.  Each client presents a unique opportunity to serve and Isabel offers a wide range of trial, research, and writing skills to that end.  At Asheville Legal you can count on the individualized attention you may not be able to find at a large law firm.  In finding her home at the firm, Isabel embraces the small practice atmosphere with the ferocity of a big firm litigator. 

Jake is very thorough and efficient. He addressed a complex issue quickly and carefully. He discovered issues that had been missed by several previous lawyers and executives. He identified risks and issues that had never been exposed or addressed. He proscribed procedures and remedies that strengthened the organization and turned a difficult situation into an easy triumph. He easily impressed the members of my organization and quickly gained and maintained our trust. I highly recommend him and will use his services again.

Clive Possinger

President of the Board of Directors for the Asheville Lyric Opera

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