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Contracts, Mergers, Employment, Formation...

We help businesses thrive as they grow by helping them understand and face an ever more complex landscape of legal issues. Good business lawyers consider every element of your business’s legal needs, from taxation to partnership agreements, policy strategies, employment contracts and exit plans. We understand the complex legal issues facing business. We also understand this all occurs while you are managing the day to day events that occur with growth and success.


Construction Actions, Insurance Claims, Banking Suits...

The litigation matters we handle at Asheville Legal are often catastrophic in scale, and we have the experience, expertise, fortitude, and acumen to help people recover when faced with a seemingly insurmountable loss.  Civil litigation often involves complicated facts, hard-nosed opposing lawyers, and extremely difficult legal issues. Civil litigation often involves multiple parties and sometimes includes lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions or foreign countries. Though we do not seek out international clients, we have represented clients in transactions crossing national borders, as well as international litigation and arbitrations. We have represented clients in Mexico, Germany, India, Norway, and Canada. In this ever-expanding global economy, it is important that clients retain counsel who have a broad base of experience.

"We plan to utilize Mike Wimer's law firm as long as we are conducting business. They have proven themselves as a team of dedicated and diligent attorneys. We respect and value their work."


Mark & Trish Lyons, President/VP of Brews Cruise, Inc. Asheville, NC

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