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Monumental Sexual Harassment Settlement

Various news outlets have reported that Gretchen Carlson reached a $20 million settlement with 21st Century Fox in her sexual harassment lawsuit against former Fox News director Roger Ailes. Several other women settled their sexual harassment claims as well.

What does this mean for the value of sexual harassment cases in general? We sincerely hope that corporate America takes notice of the settlement amount, and its speed, and begins to focus on long-overdue reforms to prevent the corporate boardroom from becoming the corporate bedroom. Far too often we see cases of sexual harassment that cannot be fully redressed because large corporations, their insurance companies, and their attorneys don't think the cases have merit.

Is this because they believe that sexual overtures to female employees are somehow acceptable behavior?

Perhaps this monumental settlement will change the corporate thinking and the corporate culture. Perhaps more women who are the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace will come forward.

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