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Is My Lawyer Communicating With Me Well Enough?

Being a lawyer requires a diverse set of skills; however, one of the most important skills for our profession by far is the ability to communicate effectively, whether arguing a case in court, questioning a deponent, or writing a brief or demand letter. Sadly, when the State Bar has collected data on the reasons clients complain about their lawyers, the number one complaint, by far, is that lawyers aren’t communicating enough with their own clientele.

Attorneys simply must communicate with their own clients. In fact, providing you with advice about how your case is going, your legal rights and positions, and regarding your risks, potential costs, and exposures, is arguably an attorney’s most important job. After all, having this advice and information is precisely what allows you to confidently make good strategic decisions. And, sometimes the need for communication will fluctuate with the demands of the case.

With all of this said, attorneys are often extremely busy. So, what should be a good marker? For one thing, if you inquire with your lawyer, whether by phone or by email, they should generally be able to get back with you within a day or two. If you have several calls or emails in a row go unanswered, that is a red flag. Additionally, if your lawyer keeps throwing important information to you at the last minute (and the attorney has had the information for awhile), this could signal that the lawyer is just not that dialed in to helping you out.

If you’re struggling to get your lawyer to communicate with you about business matters or a civil dispute, or just want a lawyer who will keep you informed and involved with your legal matter, you should give Asheville Legal a call today. We pride ourselves on excelling at client communication.

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