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We sometimes have clients who come to us for legal help with problems that could have been prevented with a little planning and legal advice. Often, the problem arises because they have contracted for a good or service without reading the contract, or they have scanned the contract and failed to realize that material terms are not consistent with the sales pitch and oral agreement, or material terms are missing.

We all remember learning the alphabet and our ABC’s. When you are about to sign a contract for goods or services, it’s just as important to remember your BCD’s. Here’s what that means:

B. What am I Buying? You need a precise description of the goods or services so that there is no ambiguity as to what you are purchasing with your hard-earned money.

C. What is the precise and overall Cost? Can the cost increase? If so, under what circumstances might you have to pay more than you agreed upon?

D. When is the product or service going to be Delivered? For a service contract like construction, the work might be ongoing, but at the very least you should fix a deadline so the work doesn’t drag on indefinitely. Making sure that your contract contains the BCD’s, and that those terms are consistent with the sales pitch, will help alleviate confusion and may give you the protection you need if the other party doesn’t follow the contract. And if you need legal advice, remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Call Asheville Legal today to find out how we can help with that.

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