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News 13 Investigates: Photographer accused of sharing intimate images

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Several women from the Asheville area said they feel violated by a photographer they hired for boudoir photoshoots. The women said the intimate photos were supposed to be kept private but, instead, ended up on the company's website for everyone to see. News 13 reached out to an Asheville attorney to find out what you need to know before walking into a photo shoot.

"Normally, what you would want to see is a contract that gets entered into between the photographer and the subjects," local attorney Jake Snider said.

Snider said a contract will typically spell out that the product or images are the property of the photographers, who can then use them as advertisement for their businesses.

The women News 13 spoke with said no contract was offered or signed when they booked with the Asheville photographer. However, a section in the frequently asked questions portion of the photographer's website asks interested clients to explain why their images should not be shared -- and includes a fee if they want them kept off her website. >>read more>>


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